Malaya Command Tours

TOM's favourite wartime poster : TOGETHER - all services, all Imperial Forces, all one cause...The Defence of Malaya
Malaya Command Tours will be available from November 2011, if not by first quarter of 2012. We are still compiling a wish list from history enthusiasts on where and what to cover for the tours and searching for a most suitable base to begin the tour from. High on the list are WW2 battlefields in Northern Malaya ( Malaysia )

Available WW2 Battlefield Tours latest by 2012:

WW2 Penang, Northern Malaya
MCT1 - The Defenceless Fortress Tour

WW2 Jitra, Northern Malaya
MCT2 - The Fields of Padi and Fire Tour

WW2 Gurun, Northern Malaya
MCT3 - The Lost HQ Tour

WW2 Alor Setar, Sungei Petani, Butterworth, Penang, Northern Malaya
MCT4 - The Abandoned Airbases Tour

Do add your comments below or send your enquiries to We welcome all ideas and proposals in regards to the battlefield tours that you wish to have and to include. Thank you for your support - Lest we forget. TOM